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Travel and interaction with internationals has changed my life.

My story with Morocco library Project has started when i was a guide for Barbara Hall and a group of 20 Americans from California, i talked about my desire to help the young students in my hometown, and through those discussions the collaboration for a library in Rissani was launched in March 2017 at Lala Selma high School in Rissani.

   "Travel and interaction with internationals has changed my life. It has taught me about the world, the people in it, and myself. This has given me an education I never would have received just inside the classroom: that there is a big world out there and that I'm capable of surviving in it. As someone who knows the power of education and travel, I wanted to give students in Morocco a chance through books to see beyond their borders, and to show them that there is a world of possibility out there if they are willing to grab it. I believe in what Malcolm X said, 'Education is the passport to the future.'
    I grew up in the remote town …

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